How Astrology Compatibility Work

Astrology Compatibility
Astrology compatibility comes from the invention of astrology that came centuries ago, far before the age of modernization. It is the assumption that human beings started the study of astrology immediately after the development and establishment of the standards of measurements. Ever since the standards of measurements were developed, astrology has been an interesting phenomenon for the human folk. The forces and signs described in astrology have however not been scientifically proven.

Astrology itself can be defined as the investigation of how astronomy affects psychology. This involves assessing the position of the moon, sun, other planets at the point of one’s birth and how this position can affect the personality and destiny of the baby later in life. People that belong to this school of thought justify their claims to the fact that planets change their positions from time to time and this explains why each individual and even romantic relationship has unique attributes.

Astrology compatibility is the “science” of astrological signs that tells us about the relationship that can be formed between people of two signs. Therefore, it can be said that astrological sign compatibility tries to describe how an individual is able to get along with other persons. The study of astrological compatibility uses the concerned individuals’ birth charts to determine whether or not they are compatible. The exact time and positions of all the planets are recorded to create the birth chart. While most birth charts are ruled by at least one planet, some others have two. The signs in astrology are regarded as energy.

When expressing the astrological compatibility of two people, graphics can be used and so can it be expressed in written text. Astrology compatibility chart is a good tool used to express the findings made by specialists.

Still one of the commonest applications of astrology, astrology compatibility is yet to be backed scientifically but this does not in any way reduce its use in the love aspect of life. With specially designed charts, specialists are able to determine the possibility of two people living together forever after comparing different aspects of their lives like attraction, career, goals, and other significant areas. These charts allow these love astrology specialists state whether or not two people will have a long committed relationship filled with harmony and love. With some persons not making any life decision without first consulting with a chart interpreter, this business seems to be a thriving one with no end in sight, at least not anytime soon.

Experts in this field use astrology compatibility calculator to determine the compatibility of two lovers. They also show how signs interact with each other with the astrological sign compatibility. An example is a situation where a person that has his Sun in Aries having difficult times coping with people in Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. These sun signs are square aspect with each other. In order to get a comprehensive angle to the performance of these people in a relationship, it is best to compare not only the Sun signs but all other signs of the Pluto, Saturn, Mars, and all other planets.

A point of caution however is that not being very compatible does not mean one cannot have a successful relationship with the other party, it only means that parties involved in the relationship need to put in more effort in patience, sacrifice, a and compromises unlike when in a relationship with a person with more compatibility.

This goes to say that some signs are more compatible than others and most couples with signs that are not compatible confess to spending more time resolving issues.

This process is a very common one as people go the extra mile to get the most compatible partner and because when people are well matched, it usually results in a positive experience and this means better living. It should however be noted that other factors besides the astrological also influence a romantic relationship. This could be age, religious beliefs, or even culture. It however helps to understand one’s personality.

A specialized area of astrological sign compatibility is Synastry. This approach studies the relationships by taking into consideration the entire horoscope or natal horoscope. This more detailed and goes beyond the personality check.

Having said all this, it is fair to wonder what astrological compatibility charts, tests, and guides reveal. What is revealed is the hidden parts in the personality, the destiny, and the higher self of people.

It is should be known that there are three different types of astrology studies with the three types having their distinct features. Western astrology, Vedic astrology, and Chinese astrology are the three types of astrology studies.

Astrological compatibility by birthdate continues to remain a well sought-after approach most partners go for before heading to the altar. It is left to the individual to decide on whether or not to follow the findings.